Q2 Energy Spa

We live in very exciting times where research, technology and the wisdom of nature have finally come together. Developed and manufactured in Australia, the Patented Q2 ENERGYspa™ uses only the purest, finest forms of synergistic materials to best benefit your body. It was created to realign, balance and enhance the bio energetic levels in water that is then used by the cells of all living things. The Experience increases vitality, clarity and an overall sense of well being.

How can the Q2 help?

The Q2 ENERGYspa™ is the first patented hydro energetic system to combine Q-Mechanics (based on Quantum Field Science) as an approach to alternative holistic discipline. With regular use of the Q2 ENERGYspa™, your body will have much greater energy reserves to do what it knows best, provide a greater ability to heal and maintain an optimum level of well being.

By using the Q2 ENERGYspa™ regularly, you (and your family) can increase your energy levels whenever needed. Healthy or not the benefits of the Q2 ENERGYspa™ can be an advantage to all. The Q2 ENERGYspa™ is designed to address your needs for inner peace; your needs for new strength with renewed energy and spirit to handle the on-going and continuous stresses of your daily life

Latest in Health Technology          Increases the body's Natural Energy Levels
An Organic Battery Charger          Reduces Stress, Tension, Anxiety & Hostility
First Non-Invasive System            Restores Harmony, Balance & Clarity
Nature's first Helping Hand          Simple & Easy to Use

How is the Q2 ENERGYspa used?

The Q2 ENERGYspa™ is experienced either at home or in a practioner's location. The System is made up of two primary components, an electrically certified power supply and the Q Orb that interacts with water.

The system is used by placing the Q Orb in a container of water, connecting the Power Supply, and then having either your feet, hands or body immersed in the water. The water in that container becomes at one with us, taking on our unique energetic resonance signature as a template. Enjoy a warm and relaxing 35 minute bath and feel the benefit of increased vitality and clarity.

Water, The Cradle of Life

Certain waters have long been recognized to posseses regenerative and restorative abilities. This is not surprising as life owes its existence to water. There are fundamental aspects of water that have drawn civilizations to revitalizing spa locations for thousands of years.

Bath in England, which was developed during the Roman Empire, Paeffers in Switzerland, Spa in Belgium, Baden Baden in Germany are some of Europe's most historic spa destinations. From Beppu Hatto (Eight Spas) in Japan to Manitou Springs in Colorado, USA, these special bodies of water attract those looking to enhance the quality of their lives.

Why is Water Used?

Water is the primary constituant of all life; it is the medium through which all bio energetic processes occur. Thousands flock to rejuvenating and revitalising water sources, to enjoy their unique properties. These waters exhibit unusually large amounts of bio energy which has been said to have the power to influence those who touch it.

Why are Natural energy reserves depleted?

We assimilate and use bio-energy from our environment, air, water and food. It is well known that the quality of all these has diminished and have been polluted by man's 'advances'. Although we have adapted to our more toxic and energy depleted environment, our energy levels often do not have anything in reserve to help us.

The bottom line is that with regular use of the Q2 ENERGYspa™, your body will have much greater energy reserves to do with, what it knows best, provide a greater ability to heal and maintain an optimum level of well being.

Please note:  Water color may vary due to a large number of different circumstances. NO interpretation should ever be applied to any one color and/or precipitation, NO matter the configuration or system used.

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