"I wanted to share the good news with you. My health has been slowly improving but this is the first week I've been able to work every day for a week. This is the first time I've been able to do this in over 4 years. Before, if I was even able to work hard one day, I would be down for 2-3 days afterwards. I still have to rest some during the day but I can rest a little while and get back up and get going again. I'm so grateful to you and your treatment. I had about given up hope of ever feeling well again."  ~ DN

"Working with Dr. Diane has been pivotal in my health and my life. In the years since I first called her for help with a thyroid issue, I've gotten steadily younger and healthier. I now have a healthy weight, feel much more energetic, and very seldom get sick. I take no pharmaceuticals, and less natural supplements than before I met Dr. Diane, as she was able to help me identify which supplements were truly beneficial to me.

Since meeting Diane, I've twice found myself facing medical issues that I believed to be outside of the bounds of naturopathy, but I called her just in case... and both times she was able to help me immensely. I found that her treatments were more effective, less invasive, and less expensive than the conventional western medicine options.

In addition to vastly improved health, I've also enjoyed taking control of my own health. The western medicine system seems to disenfranchise the patient, leaving many feel that good health is out of their reach. Working with Diane, I have personally taken control of my health, and of my health care decisions. In doing so I found that for me, excellent health was a choice that I make every day.

Not only is Diane skilled and knowledgeable, but also endlessly caring. She's patient, addressing my questions thoroughly until I'm satisfied that I understand the answer. I've gained a much greater understanding of my health thanks to her. She goes the extra mile for her patients, and has even been known to fit me in on an emergency basis.

I would and do refer friends and family to Diane all the time!" ~ Katix

"As a 53 year old registered nurse and health-risk educator, I thought my knowledge base regarding healthcare was sufficient to assure optimum health. Traditional medicine is designed to intervene in the disease process. Dr. Diane Spindler helped me to understand the options available to traditional approaches. The changes I have made as a result of Dr. Spindler's consultation have made a very positive impact on my life and health." ~Dori Collier, RN

"Dr. Diane Spindler has been a wonderful practitioner for my entire family. My daughter who has down syndrome was having many months of difficulties with digestion. Dr. Diane helped her immediately. I was beyond thrilled. My daughter is doing amazing now. Our entire family is feeling so much better and we are so thankful to have been referred to Dr. Diane. Thank you Dr. Diane!" ~ Alicia Scott~ Mother of 3 Children

"Dr. Diane's vast knowledge and sense of intuition has revealed and cured all of my unusual illnesses over the years. She has made discoveries that traditional doctors could not even comprehend. I am so grateful for her understanding and healing abilities". ~ Jackie McDermott

"My name is Esther Porter. I am approaching my 100th birthday.
I have 5 daughters, 5 son-in-laws, 13 grandchildren, and many great grandchildren and extended family.

"I have had allergies since childhood. It started with hay fever as a teen. After I married, my husband tried to find some help and we tried several home remedies. About 12 years ago, they finally put me on oxygen to help my breathing. It helped, but I seemed to continue to have more trouble each fall when the pollen count was high, and I didn't seem to be getting any better. My husband studied and did research trying to find some help. He heard about alternative medicine and started to search for solutions. We tried many things including homeopathic, which he studied and had a great knowledge of.

"In his late 80's my husband was beginning to have prostate problems. One of our daughters met Dr. Diane Spindler, and had heard a lot about her and her knowledge and education in alternative medicine. So we met with Dr. Spindler and have seen her since. In his 90's my husband's prostate cancer worsened and yet with her help we were able to stay independent with quality of life, living in our own home. My husband still took care of the house and cars and drove and shopped, and I cooked and took care of the house, and we lived a very good life. He chose not to do chemo therapy, but worked closely with Diane on many different programs which prolonged his life much longer than expected for his condition....(Read entire letter) ~ Esther Porter

"Think about this: Stage IV bone cancer and no pain.

I am writing about my father, Bill Porter. He was a patient of Dr. Diane Spindler. He was diagnosed with stage IV bone cancer in the 2007. He was 92 years old and had been under the care of various alternative health providers over his life. At that point he decided to make Dr. Diane his primary provider and health coordinator.... (Read entire letter) ~ Helen Bishop


Bobby competed in the USA National XC race on Sat. He was 11th, and at the top for high school (age limit is 19 so college fresh can compete). He ran a conservative race and then went hard the last 2 miles or so and felt great, with none of the problems from the fall.

He has been doing hard workouts for only about 3 weeks and will add to that in the next month. 

Thanks so much for your help, looks like you fixed him! 
~ Bob

"I came to Dr. Spindler seeking alternatives to HRT and a way to improve my overall health. After analyzing my blood tests and applying some of her other evaluative techniques, Diane was able to recommend a supplemental and nutrition regimen that fit with my lifestyle and desired outcome. Following her advice, I was able to get off synthetic hormones while feeling better than I had in years. I experienced more energy, better sleep without hot flashes or mood swings. Repeated blood workups have continued to show improvement in my health and I know that, in Diane, I have an active and interested partner in my health and well-being!" ~K.N.

"Dr. Spindler's professionalism and knowledge is nothing short of astounding. I've honestly never known a healthcare professional who could analyze my problems without my even telling her first!! And her treatment regime helped me in ways where traditional medicine had failed me. I would highly recommend her services."
~ M.M.

"I first came to Dr. Spindler with a diagnosis of MS. After working with Diane for two years, I am symptom-free, have increased circulation and more energy. Cranial and chiropractic therapy was also implemented during this time of healing. I received thorough, thoughtful and very reasonably priced care with Dr. Spindler. I was ready for a 21st century perspective. Dr. Spindler is in that category. She is extremely knowledgeable." ~H.B.

"Dr. Diane Spindler is a well-educated naturopathic physician who is sincerely interested in the health of her clients. She is personable, humorous and easy to talk to. In short Diane is a consummate healthcare professional." ~Amy Larson, CMT

"Diane is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to profiling, what I like to call, 'real state of health.' Having gone through a recent bout with Melanoma, Diane immediately sprung into action to profile my state of health and recommended a series of supplements that made a huge difference. Now, I'm happy to say, I'm on my way to recovery and have never felt stronger, more focused and active than ever." ~B.B.

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